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Bio of Chef Julie M. Hal

Julie M. Hale

Julie is a graduate of L'Ecole Culinaire and has had a passion for cooking since she was a little girl.


Julie has had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing chefs, and talented individuls including French chef Hubert Keller,  Rick Bayless, Catherine Neville, Michael Symon. 


Julie was inspired by her late mother, Lucy who was an amazing cook. Lucy dedicated her life to helping others through food and feeding the hungry.

Julie graduated from L'Ecole Culinaire 2011. Julie was inspired by her late mother Lucy Hale whom she cooked along side of since she was a little girl. Julie's mother, Lucy Hale was very active in the community and part of many organizations through food including The Peace Meal Project and Trinity Food Pantry. During Julie's education at L'Ecole Culinaire she received many certifications and awards including: Top Student Scholarship Award, Perfect Attendance, made The Dean's List, Business Certificate, and others. Julie has worked independently as a Private Chef for many people and has also worked for HollyBerry Catering, The St. Louis Cardinals and Cardinal Club, Celebrity Events, Weddings, and has worked side by side with Top Chef and restaurant owner, Chef Hubert Keller. Julie has shared her passion and talent with food through volunteer work at The Peace Meal Project, Trinity Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels, Taste of L'Ecole, Varsity Club, and Taste of St. Louis to name a few. Julie is very dedicated and passionate about food. Julie is very creative and pays attention to detail, her upbeat personality makes her a joy to work with. Everyone around her can see that she not only takes pride in her work but is extremely talented. Julie has learned something from each Chef and business/organization she has had the opportunity to work with. She uses this knowledge to broaden and sharpen her skills as a Chef.​ Food, traditions and recipes are meant to be shared. That's what it's all about. 

​Bon Appetit My Friends!

Tips And Tricks


Fondant dries quickly, so while working with it, always keep excess well-wrapped in plastic, as well as the parts on the cake you are not working on. If tiny cracks appear in the surface of the fondant, knead it a little - the warmth from the kneading or pressure from the rolling pin will make it smooth and satiny. Do not use water to smooth out cracks - water dissolves fondant as it is mostly sugar. Instead, use a bit of shortening on your fingertips to repair small tears. One of the best tasting fondant cake I had was made with marshmallows! 


Every year I make a garden. I usually plant a vegetable garden and a herb garden. It's a sure way to know that you are getting fresh veggies from your garden to your table. It is so exciting to me to bite into that first tomato. The color is so vibrant and the taste is so amazing. You will love watching the progress of your garden as it grows! 


Avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides, buy the freshest in-season fruits and vegetables you can find. The artisanal and organic produce available at many farmers markets produce exceptionally flavorful salads, slaws, frittatas and desserts. And don't forget to always thoroughly wash your fruits and veggies before eating them.

Benefits of hiring a Private Chef:

There are many benefits to hiring a Private Chef. I am happy to meet with you and go over menu planning for your next event. I can even do all of the grocery shopping for you. By hiring a private chef I am here to make your job easier so you have a stress free event. I will come to your house or place of business and prepare the food, serve you and your guests, and clean everything before I leave. It's that simple, no dirty dishes or struggling to find that "perfect" recipe and worrying about how you are going to find time to make all of that food. That's where I come in, leave your worries to me. I will strive to make sure your next event/ dinner party is everything you hoped for. Contact me for an estimate today! Sample dinner will be prepared for parties of 10 or more. 

Gratuity is greatly appreciated1! 


  • Take away the stress by doing the prep the night before.
  • Store spices in a cool, dark place, not above your stove. Humidity, light and heat will cause herbs and spices to lose their flavor.
  • For rich, creamy dressings made healthy, substitute half the mayo with Greek-style yogurt.